The time for financial



There is a misconception with current literacy programs that knowledge provides an individual with financial capability.

Research shows that 9% of financial knowledge and experience factors affect financial wellbeing.


It has become quite apparent that there are additional pressures in life for Australians that are entering into adulthood. There is a generational wealth gap that is widening, and this is requiring the next generations (currently millennials and Gen-Zs) to have the ability to make better financial decisions. This would ideally result in financial well-being and stability (lower credit risk).

Education to make investment decisions has been lost in the age of social media hype. The money flowing into all financial markets, from Generation O investors, is continuously growing. Here is the problem. All the gear, no idea. 

  1. There is a major lack of quality and engaging financial and Investment education for young Australians; 
  2. An increase in financial stress which has developed from the economic environment and mental health disorders.
  3. Outdated traditional education syllabus topics that don’t prepare teens for real life scenarios (as well as archaic teaching methods).



Cate is a virtual mentor edtechnology assisting young adults to increase their financial literacy in real scenario gaming.


Investocate, is an innovative role-playing game to improve financial literacy.

Mentorship – Describe how you envision to solve the problems you previously shared.

Community – Group problem solving and buddy systems where members connect, collaborate, share knowledge and discover new approaches

Self-discovery – Ensuring investors understand themselves, skills and how to improve.

Rewards – Gamification, problem-solving through digital games and simulations… Financial reward!